Ultimate Coil Bracket - Coil / Shock / Link
Ultimate Coil Bracket - Coil / Shock / Link

Ultimate Coil Bracket - Coil / Shock / Link

Part Number: BR1110BASE
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Ultimate Coil Bracket - Coil / Shock / Link
Weight: 11.8 lbs  Dimensions: 6x9x12
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Also available from these fine distributors


OUR VISION - Offer a better looking bracket AND make it work better too!
With our new line of brackets, we want to introduce a better looking product that has that custom one-off look AND solve some of the issues that have plagued some of the generic brackets on the market, thus making them function better. Some common features that you'll see among our new brackets are: better access to grease fittings, bottom protection of the joint on lower link brackets, designs that make the bracket look like it was designed to be there from the beginning rather than just a piece of metal slapped on later, etc. Below are some of the highlights for this particular bracket that set it apart from all the others.
  • Everything you need - coil spring, shock and link mounts (optional) - all in one compact and easy to assemble bracket.
  • 3/16" thick mild steel coil and shock brackets. 1/4" thick LCA brackets for strength and impact resistance. Precision CNC cut and bent for great fitment.
  • Coil correction STAMPED into coil bucket for a flush standing coil. Others mount a not flat coil on a flat coil bucket resulting in bowing or leaning.
  • Lower Link brackets available in 0, 10 and 22 degree angles...perfect for any suspension type. Link brackets can be offset in virtually any amount since they are separate brackets.
  • Option to not include lower link brackets for those who may already have them or have other ideas on what they want to do.
  • Bump formed Bumpstop pad with threaded retainer hardware allows you to use your factory style upper bumpstops.
  • Adjustable shock mounting width to use virtually any type of eye mounted shock
  • Narrow under structure allows you to overlap bracket over differential casting ends.
  • The STYLE of the bracket gives a unique, custom one-off look you'd get with a high dollar fabrication shop. No more brackets that look like modified pieces of angle iron or c-channel, but rather formed pieces of artwork to show off.

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