UD60 Rear APEX Short Truss
UD60 Rear APEX Short Truss

UD60 Rear APEX Short Truss

Part Number: TR6062
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UD60 Rear APEX Short Truss
Weight: 14 lbs  Dimensions: 6x6x20
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Also available from these fine distributors

Ultimate Dana 60 Rear APEX Short Truss

Stronger Design, Lighter Weight, Easier Install

A NEW ERA HAS BEGUN WITH THE ARRIVAL OF THE APEX TRUSS! Artec Industries is proud to announce the next generation of PATENT PENDING axle trusses. This series of trusses not only builds on our experience as the world leader in axle truss design, it brings it to a whole new level of cost savings, strength, weight savings, simplicity of installation, precision fitment, and complete axle protection never before seen in the industry.

The key feature that sets the APEX truss apart is its unique peaked shape top which provides extra rigidity to the whole truss while allowing both a reduction in weight (vs using a thicker material top) and eliminating long weld seams. Previous version with long weld seams which can be lead to extra weld warping of the axle, longer install times and can be inconsistent. Without long seams to weld, now you drop the truss directly on to the axle and weld it to the axle faster.

This Truss is the heart of the APEX 1 ton swap kits for JK, JL, and JT and allows not improves rigidity and strength to the axle around the differential, it allows for mounting upper links over the differential if desired.
This truss fits Ultimate Dana 60 rear axles specifically with axle tubes 19.7" long and 18.9" long between castings and brake flange bracket. Overall length on this truss is 27.18 inches (+-.125"). May fit other Dana 60 rear axles with minor trimming but we have not verified.
NOTE: This truss is very form fitting to the contours of the casting. Due to variances in casting of this axle over the years, some trimming may be necessary on the truss and non-essential parts of the casting.

Features include:

  • PATENT PENDING APEX peaked top design provides more rigidity than a flat top truss design
  • CNC Precision Laser cut in-house from 3/16" mild steel for a lightweight yet strong solution...only 13 lbs
  • CNC Precision Bent in-house for a great fitment. Literally drop the truss in place on the axle and it's ready to weld. No puzzle piece assembling*
  • Designed used 3D models directly from Dana and Jeep for not only an amazing fit but clearances with surrounding components
  • 70% less welding needed than previous truss designs means less warping, faster turnaround, and lower costs
  • All long seams are bent so you don't need to spend time welding them together
  • Dimpled holes provide not only weight reduction but rigidity and strength
  • Contours the cast steel differential and can be welded with normal MIG welder and moderate pre-heating and post-heating
  • Truss is low profile allowing link joints to be mounted with ideal geometry - about 9 inches from the axle centerline.
  • Truss is designed to fit in between Coil Springs or can be used as a base for mounting link suspension mounts.
  • Two piece design means smaller packaging and less shipping costs along with easy installation
  • Overall low profile design means your axle is stronger, sleeker, easier to fit into any vehicle, and less likely to interfere with vehicle components.

NOTE: This kit requires general welding and fabrication skills. Welding should only be done by a competent welder. Artec Industries implies no guarantees or warranties and is not liable for improper installation.

*Some grinding and fitment may be required when installing this item. Every axle varies slightly and some fabrication may be required.


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