2012+ Jeep JK Extreme Duty Cylinder Assist Kit
2012+ Jeep JK Extreme Duty Cylinder Assist Kit

2012+ Jeep JK Extreme Duty Cylinder Assist Kit

Part Number: PSC-SK271
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Weight: 40 lbs  Dimensions: 0x0x0
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Also available from these fine distributors
Also available from these fine distributors
2012+ Jeep JK Extreme Duty Cylinder Assist Kit 

All New for 2016!

PSCylinder Assist systems are engineered to increase the turning force of a Jeep steering system by as much as 50%. If you have installed larger tires, aftermarket axles and/or locking differentials and you can no longer turn your Jeep on the trail? Then a Cylinder Assist system is the answer to your steering woes.

Kit Includes
  • 100% New Steering gear modified for cylinder assist
  • 100% New Power Steering Pump with pulley
  • Remote PS fluid reservoir with serviceable filter
  • All required hoses and fittings
  • Steering Cylinder
  • All steering cylinder mount brackets bolt straight onto the stock axle housings and tie rods with the use of a few hand tools.

The steering gearbox in this particular kit retains the stock OEM valving. This valving allows the handling to remain as close to the way the vehicle was engineered to be as possible. You will have decent road feel on the highway and no over steer. The steering input effort will remain un-altered from stock at all speeds. The steering assist will increase the actually turning force of the steering components without changing the effort of what the driver physically has put forth. This kit is highly recommended for the customer that drives their vehicle daily on public roads.
If you should choose to use a reduced effort steering gear / cylinder assist kit, the drivability at highway speeds can be adversely affected. Also a note of caution, if you vehicle has poor handling characteristics before installing light valved cylinder assist system, the handling will be even more adversely effected. For that reason light valved steering kits are recommended for vehicles that are built for the offroad and rarely driven on public roads. Cylinder assist systems will not correct poor on road steering characteristics.

Use Swepco 715 Power Steering Fluid in all PSC Systems

   CALIFORNIA WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov


Cylinder assist steering systems are designed for use on off-road vehicles to increase steering force to the steering axle. They are not designed to resolve poor on-road handling characteristics of an off-road vehicle. We do not recommend a cylinder assist modified system for vehicles that are driven as everyday transportation on public streets and highways. Cylinder assist systems have an adverse affect on how the steering responds and will not produce the same steering characteristics as a production steering system. If your vehicle currently has a problem with drive ability on the highway, then adding a cylinder assist will probably create a bigger problem. A cylinder assist system can be tuned to drive well on the highway, but everything has to be perfect. This can include suspension modifications, axle modifications and more. If your vehicle has had the suspension modified and larger than stock tires have been added, you probably have already adversely affected the handling and steering of your vehicle. So, if this is what you are currently experiencing you might give the tech line at PSC Mfg. a call and let one of our professionals with many years of experience discuss your vehicle and your concerns before you modify your steering system

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