Artec Grows into Four Facilities
Artec Industries Expands into Four Facilities

A lot has happened in the past two years. We were fortunate to have great customers who believed in our Made in the USA products and believed in us enough to provide them during these challenging times. In the last few months, it became necessary to expand our operations to continue to serve our customer's needs and deliver great, quality products in a timely manner.

In 2019, we moved our R&D operations to a shop near headquarters where we were able to develop a whole host of new products apart from the noise and bustle of the manufacturing facility. That space was also very appealing to our new venture, Xpedition Trailers, which owner Artie Nuttall had started in 2020. Once production of the trailers began, it was obvious that both departments could not exist in the same space. Luckily a new shop right next to headquarters had just become available, so R&D was moved back so that collaboration between production and R&D was more efficient. Now they're cranking out great new products.

At nearly the same time, it was obvious that our production departments and shipping and warehouse departments were bursting at the seams. They were always in each other's way to put it frankly. So we decided to look for another location that we could move the warehouse. Not far from HQ, we found a great space already setup with pallet racking and enough power for some of the equipment needed for the department's operations. Over the course of a few weeks, we moved our entire inventory while at the same time shipping out orders. As all moves go, it was often a mess, but I'm confident few of our customers knew this was happening which makes me glad.

So we're excited to announce that Artec Industries along with Xpedition Trailers resides in four separate facilities in North Salt Lake, Utah. We appreciate our customer's faith in us during this time. This growth is designed to allow us room to progress and continue building the best products on the market and offer more variety than ever before and even faster shipping times. We look forward to the possibilities of having space again but are pretty sure we'll quickly outgrow it all very soon. Thanks for helping us become a world class operation. We're excited for the future.

-Nate Price
CEO Artec Industries

R&D shop complete with custom office walls.

Xpedition Trailers manufacturing three simultaneous trailers

New shipping warehouse

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