The Original Quart Crate

The Quart Crate

Fluid Containment the Right Way!


No more oil bottles bouncing around the back of your Car, Truck, SUV, Boat or 4x4. The Quart Crate neatly and securely organizes your extra automotive fluids. Fits great and out of the way inside your trunk, behind a bench seat, or anywhere you have a little space. 

Constructed from high quality, 16 gauge steel, the Quart Crate keeps your oil, ATF, power steering fluid and any other automotive fluids secure. The Quart Crate's weight-saving design doesn't bog down your vehicle and even makes it simple to carry by hand. 

CNC precision cut and bent to provide a snug fit. Features a clip in style hinge and safety latch holdown which make for quick, easy, one-handed fluid retrieval. 

Fits all standard-sized Quart and Gallon Fluid containers including Mobil 1 and other similar shaped Mobil products. The larger units even offer space for brake fluid and gear oil bottles.

Can be hard-mounted to your vehicle using standard hardware, welding or rivets. Figure out where to place it and it will stay put.


We even thought about your Trailer and RV!


Products are shipped bare steel must be painted or powdercoated to prevent corrosion.



Date 9/30/2012 7:03:31 AM

Cool, this is an awesome idea! I like the design and didn't know there was something like this out there.

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